Hail to the Thief

I can’t stomach it — the butchered syntax, the prepubescent vocabulary, the oblique threats, the incessant self-congratulation, the bare-assed ignorance, the bald-faced lies.

Our sister Martha was our leader in every endeavor

We welcome LareDOS! It is good to have this unique and outstanding voice speaking again. Much has occurred in the last two years to change everyone’s life. Our lives changed when our sister Martha died after a brief time of illness. When a loss is unexpected, time becomes one of the only ways to come to grips with the loss.

The Inheritance

Dad died last September. We weren’t close. Never had been. States and ages and resentments separated us. In the last twenty years we spoke twice.

Hungry? Head over to Katsumi Goya at the Food Truck Park

Hungry? Get thee to the Food Truck Park at the Pan American Courts at 3301 San Bernardo and enjoy the delicious Asian street food from Katsumi Goya. The brussel sprouts/jicama salad was a homerun as was the fried avocado bun. Still hungry? Try the taquitos and the Lenten fare at El Puesto, the other truck in the park.

Lunch at Lala’s and a quiet afternoon at the Los Ojuelos cemetery and Mirando City

About 30 miles from Laredo, just off U.S. Hwy. 359, you can turn onto Ranch Road 649 and find two tranquil places that belie their once teeming historic pasts. One is Los Ojuelos and the other is Mirando City. Because I have old, longstanding paternal ties to Los Ojuelos, I find that daytrips there always evoke deep wells of thought for who we have been and who we are now. My grandfather Pedro Armengol Guerra was born at Los Ojuelos in 1880 to Adela Aguirre Guerra (from Candela) and José María Guerra.

Why do we leave Laredo?

Two of my best friends from high school live in Boston and Washington D.C. We graduated from St. Augustine High School in 2009, and since then, they never came back to live in Laredo. At 25, I am lumped into the “millennial” generation. I realize it would be irresponsible to speak for my entire generation, but what I can say, is that almost my entire graduating class of 126 students lives outside Laredo. I hope that my insight can shed a sliver of light on this phenomenon.

The rest of the way

When I turned fifty I understood how cars feel when their warranties expire. If cars feel anything when their warranties expire. On December 9, 2015, two months after my fiftieth birthday, I ended up in the hospital with a kidney infarction. I felt slightly upset — and also slightly betrayed — that the odometer had barely rolled over and a major system went on the blink. But it did, and there I was, for four days, mostly reading and watching TV between nurses’ visits to draw blood, take my blood pressure, and check the heart monitor hanging around my neck.