Solana retreat in San Miguel de Allende: a week of writing, culture, and fellowship

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Former Laredoan Dini Karasik, the publisher of Origins Journal, will host Solana, a retreat for writers in the historic colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato May 25 through June 1, 2018.

The inaugural retreat, which is co-hosted by Cynthia Carranza of Culinarian Expeditions, features a writing workshop with Literal Magazine editor and poet Tanya Huntington and dinner with renowned Mexican author Francisco Hinojosa, who is called “the Roald Dahl of Mexico.”

Huntington, a bi-national writer and artist, is the author of Solastalgia (Almadía, forthcoming), Martín Luis Guzmán: Entre el águila y la serpiente (Tusquets, 2015), A Dozen Sonnets for Different Lovers / Docena de sonetos para amantes distintos (Ediciones Acapulco, 2015) and Return / El regreso (Motín Poeta, 2009).

Huntington holds a Ph.D. in Latin American literature from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Hinojosa, the workshop’s guest of honor, is an accomplished Mexican writer who has published 50 books of anthologies, poetry, short stories, essays, children’s literature, and textbooks. Some of his work has been translated to English, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, and Estonian.

Additional activities for the six-day stay in San Miguel de Allende include a visit to el Santuario de Jesús de Atotoncilco; lunch and wine tasting at Cuna de Tierra Vineyard; lunch at Jacinto 1930, which is staffed by award- winning chefs Mateo Salas and Israel Loyola; a networking breakfast with local and ex-pat writers who live and work in San Miguel; an intimate dinner party at the home of Gilda and Fulvio Carbonaro of Culinarian Expeditions; a mezcal and tequila tasting; and a tour of San Miguel de Allende.

According to Karasik, the workshop is filling quickly. The cost, which does not include airfare, is $2,950 for single occupancy and $2,500 for couples. Participation can be secured with a $500 deposit. Full payment is due March 1, 2018.

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To learn more about Francisco Hinojosa, follow him on Twitter at @panchohinojosah. To read about Tanya Huntington, follow her on Twitter at @TanyaHuntington.

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