Enterprise: fast, considerate service; Ruiz Custom Meats: fresh and on time

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If you’ve had the misfortune of a fender bender and need a car rental, get yourself over to Enterprise at 3119 Saunders and talk to Galo García. He will do all possible to make the experience a positive one. Though the Mystery Customer showed up at closing time, she still got the vehicle she wanted. The coordination between the MC’s insurance company and Enterprise was seamless. The good experience took the edge off the MC having impaled her reliable hybrid on the extended hitch of the vehicle ahead of her at a busy intersection.

Beth Garibay at Blue Top Digital Reprographics is who you need to see for over-sized posters. She’s fast and precise. The company is at 101 W. Hillside.

Ruiz Custom Meats at 2119 E. Lyon has always provided the MC with great on-time service, whether for deer processing or steaks for grilling. Their homemade venison sausage is a wonderful cold weather treat.

Gil’s Nursery at 3005 Meadow is the last of the old style nurseries in Laredo. Whether you are landscaping or adding a new succulent to your collection, you’ll find answers to all your plant or soil-related questions. One of the most vital parts of their enterprise is Gil Sr., who has a wealth of information about cultivation.

A search for a molcajete took the MC up and down San Bernardo Avenue and finally to Taco Mais at 3319 Santa María. The company has 12 locations in Laredo.

Tortilleria La Fe’s corn tortillas are the best. They are sold by the kilo right off the comal. The family-owned business has two locations, Santa María at Park and 220 Garfield. The service was quick and efficient and came with a history of the company’s longstanding operation in Laredo.

Lolita’s Bistro at 6950 McPherson continues to offer consistently good service and good food. Our friend Audris made sure our orders got to our table as specified. As the evening wound down, we ran into Elsa Priscilla Estrada, an expert makeup artist, and Mark Moore. The two ghouls were out enjoying Dia de los Muertos festivities all over town.

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