De Leon announces department, management reorganization

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City Manager Horacio de Leon Jr. has implemented a new department management structure, that will went into effect October 30.

De Leon and Cynthia Collazo, Deputy City Manager, will oversee the City Secretary’s, Economic Development, Tax, Innovations, Planning, Building, Health, Community Development, Animal Care Services, Library, and Environmental Services Departments.

There are now five executive directors who will share in supervising the other City departments, placing an initial emphasis on building synergy and connections between those departments and employing a new, more strategic approach to managing these specific areas.

Martin Aleman, executive Director of Finance and Technology, will oversee Financial Services, Budget, IST, Municipal Court, Utilities, and Solid Waste Services

Ramon E. Chavez, Executive Director of Public Services, will oversee Parks, Public Works, Traffic, and Engineering;

Monica C. Flores, Executive Director of Personnel/Risk and Civil Service, will oversee Human Resources, Police, Fire, and City Attorney’s Office;

Blasita J. López, Executive Director or Tourism, Marketing, and Communications, will oversee CVB, PIO, PAC, and Legislative Affairs;

Mario I. Maldonado Jr., Executive Director of Transportation, will oversee Airport, Bridge, Fleet Management, and Transit Departments.

Individuals reassigned in this reorganization include Celina Rivera, Executive Assistant to the City Manager; Clarissa Rangel, Animal Care Services Director; Homero V. García, Information Services and Telecommunications Director; Heberto L. Ramirez, Fleet Management Director, temporarily in conjunction with Jack Dunn, who will be retiring; Yvette Limon, Bridge Director; James K. Richard as Assistant Bridge Director;

Rosario Camarillo Cabello, newly created Chief Innovations Officer position; Graciela S. Briones, Assistant Parks Director and Anita 0. Stanley-Assistant Parks Director; Aileen Ramos, Convention and Visitor Bureau Director; and Robert A. Eads, reassigned to the Traffic Department as the Traffic Director working closely with Robert Murillo in his role as Assistant Traffic Director.

In eliminating two Assistant City Manager positions, the City Manager’s office budget has achieved cost savings in the general fund of approximately $340,000.

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