The Star’s Mangled Banter: O’er the Twitter we watched were but fallacies streaming?

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O say can you see, by the fraud’s churlish slights,
What so loudly he wail’d like some alt-right trash screaming,
Whose flawed gripes and trite barbs through the querulous night
O’er the Twitter we watched were but fallacies streaming?
And the dotard’s orange glare, his tweets bursting in err,
Gave proof through the night that the crank was still there,
O say does that star’s mangled banter yet wail
O’er the land in a screed or a moan when he’s jailed?

From the tee faintly seen through mists ’round the green
Where his foe’s lucky drive near a birdie reposes,
What is that in the wind? Just a blathering tweet
That erratically blows, half conceals, ne’er discloses.
Now it catches the gleam of his cronies’ white dreams:
predatory, elitist, hypocritical schemes.
His triangled banner – too long has it waved!
Damn health care and climate! Par’s all he saved.

And where is that lout who so vulgarly swore,
Who bragged of assault and Russian intrusion,
Who praises bold racists, despises the courts,
Who mocks the free press as a dead institution?
No refuge for dreamers, those fleeing from war,
The tortured or migrants who come to our shores.
And the star’s mangled banter, despotic, doth wail
O’er the land in a screed ’til the day that he’s jailed.

O thus be it never when a conman still rants,
When he bullies and stokes more racial dissension!
Fraught with fak’ry, deceit – O his traitorous band –
Crazed by power and priv’lege and murd’rous intention!
So resist with one voice, resist all that’s unjust,
For this be his motto – “In no one doth trust.”
For the star’s mangled banter so toxic yet wails
O’er the land where the free and our lives are for sale.

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