Do you want maquinitas in historic downtown Laredo?

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Are eight-liners (amusement redemption machine establishments) compatible with the kind of sustainable development downtown needs? Are they the right fit for the Arts and Entertainment District?

Let all City Council members know how you feel before Monday’s 5:30 p.m. Special Called meeting. Their contact information follows below.

Agenda Item:

G. Request by Council Member George Altgelt
Discussion with possible action to allow amusement redemption machine establishments in the Central Business District (CBD) and the Arts and Entertainment District (A&E) by right. (Co-Sponsored by Council Member Roberto Balli and Council Member Nelly Vielma)

Mayor Pete Saenz c/o or

District I  Rudy Gonzalez Jr.

District II Vidal Rodriguez
     Text and/or call (956) 267-0191

District III Alex Perez Jr.
     Text and/or call (956) 236-9498

District IV Albert Torres Jr.
     Text and/or call (956) 774-5845

District V Nelly Vielma

Text and/or call (956) 333-7100

District VI Charlie San Miguel
     Text and/or call (956) 324-5678

District VII George Altgelt
    Text and/or call (956) 645-2231

District VIII Roberto Balli Use email on his City of Laredo home page
or contact staff at (956) 791-7309

One thought on “Do you want maquinitas in historic downtown Laredo?

  1. it will be like having a part of vegas in laredo. They would attract new people from out of town. They would enjoy the outlets and museums during the day and at night they would enjoy mini vegas in laredo.